Beer Event: Better Brew Tasting Garden at the Subzero Festival 2013


After the fun I had last weekend at the Mountain View Beerwalk, I was told by Peter Estaniel about the Beerbetterblog Beer garden at the Subzero Festival in San Jose, CA happening the following Friday.


He had peaked my interest with the amount of local breweries participating in the event. I’m going to cover some of the taps that I made it to:

Lagunitas Brewing Company (Sponsor)


Lagunitas went all out by bringing their Van that has the taps built into the side of it. I had the fusion 16 Ale IPA to start off my journey. They were also pouring Little Sumpin and their Pale Ale IPA.


Uncommon Brewers


Uncommon Brewers had the Casserly Pale Ale, the Long Form Triple, and the Bacon Brown Ale. I did a review of the Bacon Brown Ale back in April and this beer and I think I got a bad can for my review. I intend on revisiting that beer over the summer and count that as a mulligan.

Looking back, I wish I had tried their Long Form Triple. It is on my list to try this summer.

Bay Brewer’s Guild (Seabright Brewery, Santa Clara Valley Brewing Company, and Rabbit’s Foot Meadery)


This was a tough decision between the Electric Tower and the Cider.

Having had the Electric Tower IPA from Santa Clara Valley Brewing Company last weekend at the Mountain View Beerwalk, I went with the Black Cherry Cider.

The cider smelled like cherry coke, was crisp on the palate and the sweetness was not overpowering. This did not have the residual sugar you’d expect with something so fruity on the nose. Just look at how red that is.


If you get a chance to try the Electric Tower IPA, definitely try it. It was in my top 4 beers from the Beerwalk and I will try to review it future. Ramblings of a Beer Runner has a great review of the brew that I would highly suggest you go check out.

electric tower

Hermitage Brewing Company


Hermitage was pouring their signature Hoptopia, Magnum, and Citra. They seemed to be a favorite at the tasting and had the longest line of people waiting for their pour while I was there.

I tried the Citra and was impressed with the body of this beer. (Full Disclosure: I have friends that work for Hermitage and this had no bearing on my review of this beer.)

Faultline Brewery


I saw Patrick and Jose last weekend in Mountain View at the Beerwalk. They were pouring the Hefeweizen and Pale Ale at this event. I went with the Pale Ale because I enjoyed it so much last weekend.

Peter B’s


Having never heard of them, I went with the expertise of these guys and had the Rasberry Wheat over their IPA. It was a great suggestion and I want to make it down to Monterey to visit their brewpub.

Rock Bottom Brewery


Though I know Michael works at Tied house, he gave me the suggestion of going for the Fallen Angel from Rock Bottom. Thank you for knowing your beers!


They had the Bear Cub, Red ESB, Stout Especial, and the Fallen Angel on tap.

Freewheel Brewing Company


Though only pouring their special bitter, I appreciated their rep was able to give me some background on their brewery and how this beer is made. It stood out to me at the event.

Tied House


I go to tied house a fair amount, so I was surprised to see two beers which I had not heard of or tried on tap. They were pouring the Black Bier Lager and the ForeCzech. Again, Michael made a great suggestion with the ForeCzech and now I am continplating when I can make my next trip to their bar to have it again.

Gordon Biersch


At the end of the night, I ended up trying their Weizeneisbock on a whim. I have had many of GB’s beers in the past and can say this is the best one so far. Keep it up guys!

Strike Brewing Company

I also want to give as shoutout to these guys and it was great to meet their CEO Jenny. I tried their Brown Ale at the Mountain View Beerwalk and look forward to trying more in the future.

Overall, I had a great time with my Wife and Son at the Better Brew Tasting Garden. I appreciate all the brewers coming out to represent their fine beers and look forward to more events like this over the summer.


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