Beer Interview: Craft Haus Brewery and their Kickstarter project

chausAfter reading about Craft Haus Brewery’s Kickstarter project, I decided to reach out to the owners, Wyndee and Dave, to get a little background about them before their project launches on April 27th.


  • Tell us a little about your background and how you came to want to start a brewery?

My husband, Dave and I traveled through Europe and fell in love with their beer centric culture. We were sitting on a canal in Amsterdam and had the server bring us two beers. That is when we had our craft beer “a-ha” moment. We realized that this is what quality beer can offer. Not only does Europe produce amazing specimens of beer but the social aspect really drew us in. They took the time to enjoy their and talk to people around them. They were building their community through pubs, breweries beer gardens and cafes one glass at a time. Then when we cam back home, Dave started homebrewing and the beast took hold. He had discovered a passion that could never be quenched.

Dave was mesmerized by all the intricacies that brewing held. Then, he won the first Beer Camp competition at Sierra Nevada. He was one of 10 people chosen nationally to brew on their pilot system what ever their hearts desire called for. Sierra Nevada was the inspiration for us to turn Dave’s passion into a profession. We wanted to share the craft and culture with our community.

Dave has worked in guest services for a four diamond resort for over a decade. Wyndee’s background is in Public Relations where she represented five star chefs, musicians, comedians, nightclubs and headliners on the Las Vegas Strip.

  • What is the best beer you’ve ever had and why?

That is an extremely hard question because there are so many factors that play into the decision like time of day, season, food pairing etc. I have a special place in my heart for Saison DuPont because that is the beer we had when we were in Europe with our “a-ha” moment. I think beer should evoke feelings and memories and that is why we named our Saison Evocation. I love the memories it brings back of the beer centric culture from our travels.

Dave’s favorite beer right now is Sede Vacante from Lost Abbey. We had the opportunity to meet with Tomme Arthur a couple of times to pick his brain, which is mind blowing awesome! We were there the day the beer was released and the complexity that is offers is unmatched. Just hope they have plans to make more.

  • Why did you choose kickstarter? How did it compare to indiegogo or Boston microloan program?  Did you consult with other successful kickstarter project starters for tips on how to be successful with this platform?  What is the next step after your project is successful?

We chose Kickstarter because it has a broad reach and brewing is a creative discipline as covered by Kickstarter.  Indiegogo has also not seen as much success with breweries. I have been researching and studying Kickstarter projects for over six months and have organized an excel analytical spreadsheet with stats on everything I could quantify. I did contact three successful Kickstarter brewery projects. They were extremely helpful and very generous with their time and guidance. That is such a driving force behind why we are passionate about the craft brewing industry. Other breweries are very open and willing to help and guide a up-and-comer. My brother is in marketing in the video gaming industry and he has launched a few extremely successful campaigns. He has had a big influence on the direction of our campaign as well.

The next step after (finger crossed) our Kickstarter campaign is successful is for us to have a beer! Launching a Kickstarter campaign is extremely stressful and time consuming. But after that we will get the ball rolling with our licensing and build out of our brewery and taproom.

  • Have you been utilizing social media to help drum up support for your endeavor?

I have established our Facebook and Twitter accounts almost two years ago. I will be staying up to date and active more so on Facebook and will try to keep everyone in the loop on our progress during the kickstarter and before we open.

  • What styles of beer will you produce?  Do you have anything unique or unprecedented?

We are not going to have standard flagship beers. We look forward to our community telling us what they like. but we also want to push boundaries with our guest pallets from time to time. If we don’t challenge our fans they won’t evolve with us. We never want to be stagnant. Some styles we have now:

Evocation-Saison with fresh ginger, coriander and bitter orange peels

Resinate-IPA a balanced IPA with dry hopped Chinook

The one we are really proud of is Comrade, an Imperial Russian Stout made in collaboration with our state’s only distiller The Las Vegas Distillery. We used their Whiskey and aged it on oak.

  • Describe the current Craft Beer scene in Las Vegas.  How do you think your brewery will contribute to this?

The current craft beer scene is emerging because our community is discovering what craft beer is. We are not at the level of San Diego, Portland or Boston yet, but we are on our way. Las Vegas is a world-renowned culinary destination. We have every Michelin starred chef you could ever want and craft beer is an offshoot of the high level of culinary creations our town boasts.

We want to add to our established craft beer scene by focusing on education. We want to offer our location as a center to discover everything not only about our craft beer but craft beer as a whole. We will also offer classes on the history of beer, brewing process, the art of beer pairing, beer cocktails, and a women’s beer group. Dave and I are both Cicerone certified beer servers and would love to incorporate a certification prep group.

We at Awesome Beers am excited to see this project launch and know that it will be successful with your help.  We will post a link to the project once it launches on April 27th.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Go over and like their facebook page.facebook_like_button_big1


2 responses to “Beer Interview: Craft Haus Brewery and their Kickstarter project

    • I was quite surprised myself about the thought of using kickstarter as a platform to raise money.

      They have over 300 likes on facebook and a track record of brewing good beer. Their future looks bright.

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