Beer Review #5: Allagash Curieux

It’s not often that I say this: this beer was great.


When this beer was suggested to me, I was a bit apprehensive to pay $17 for a 750ML bottle of beer but was told it is good.  Her description sounded like a review for a Tom Yorke album and again, I was sold.

My first impressions of this bottle made me think I was in for a treat.  There are not many beers that I try that are left in bourbon barrels and the normal progression follows: I like aged beer; I like bourbon; This should be great.  How large of an understatement this was.

Allagash barrels

The beer is aged in Jim Bean barrels then blended with a Tripel.  This combination creates a mix that is not only delicious but also unique.  It has a golden color that is not only inviting but also gives off the aroma of banana bread, scotch, and some oak.  It’s flavor has some vanilla, spice, dark liquor, with a small bit of citrus on the finish.  The 11% ABV hit me in the face after my first glass and reminded me of it’s presence.  It was happy reminder.

This is the kind of beer I wish could be an every day drinker but it’s a bit expensive.  I don’t know if they would ever sell this in kegs but I would definitely have this in my house on tap.

In summation, I want this beer to be apart of my life as much as financially possible.  The flavor and alcohol put it in my top 5 beers, which is a high place to be in my life.


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