Beer Kickstarter: Crafthaus in Las Vegas

chausThe CraftHaus Brewery Kickstarter campaign will launch at The Great Vegas Festival of Beer on April 27th in Henderson, Nev. and run online for 35 days.  Their goal is to raise $20,000 to pay for the permits to launch a Pilot brewing system and the required licenses.

Brian Chapin, Founder, Motley Brews, Las Vegas’ largest craft beer festival had this to say “Wyndee and Dave have done their homework and certainly know what it takes to build a great brewery.  When people speak about craft beer in Las Vegas, CraftHaus will most certainly be a hot topic.”

It should be an interesting concept because they will be focusing only on the beer without food or gaming.  Donation levels start at $5 and go up to $5000 and will start accepting donations on April 27th.  We will make sure remind you to donate later this month.


3 responses to “Beer Kickstarter: Crafthaus in Las Vegas

  1. Thanks for the mention Ryan. We would love for you to remind all those who worship craft beer when our Kickstarter launches-Cheers! Wyndee Forrest, Owner CraftHaus Brewery

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