Beer Review #4 Widmer Brothers O’Ryely Ipa

oryelyPart of my celebration in having a ‘hoppy easter’ involved trying out another selection from Widmer Brothers line of beers.  I don’t want to seem biased but this is the second Widmer beer I’ve had in the recent past (See Milk Stout review).

My family sat down to a wonderfully prepared dinner of lamb, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and mini bunt cakes from nothing bunt cakes.  I thought it would be nice to try this beer to see how well it would pair with the meat.  To my surprise, I was very impressed with the combination.

This beer started as an light amber pour with an infusion of hops, nuttiness, and some sweetness on the nose.  The first sip had a normal bitterness that I would come to expect from an IPA but then something unexpected comes about in this beer.  I notice what tastes like orange and spices.  With every review, I make a point of not reading any background on the beer to not try and sway my commentary.  This is definitely one of those pleasantries which made not only my meal better but my entire night.

With each passing drink, the flavors became more pronounced until the last swallow, which was by far the best.  If I was to think this beer again, I would probably let it sit for a bit longer to let it open up to the level that it achieved at halfway down the glass.

I did not find that the alcohol was overpowering either.  If a beer is above a certain percentage, it does a number on the tongue and almost takes away from the experience.  With it’s suttle hints of high alcohol, it is presented as a bonus to help relax me compared to whipping my tastebuds and yelling ‘this has alcohol in it’.

If you want an accessible beer that is moderately priced and an easy rye to enjoy with a family dinner, this beer is something you look into.


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