Beer News: Florida residents pushing to Legalize 64oz Growlers

saveDid you know that it is illegal to fill up a 64oz growler in Florida?  One of their older laws prohibit the distribution of alcohol without a middleman or distributor.  States have amended this law to allow breweries to fill Growlers as a better way of selling more delicious product to the masses without having to use smaller containers.


Redner said he believes the wholesalers association is opposing the growler bill to protect its profits, as growlers and brewery tasting rooms help craft brewers expand their market presence.

“Ninety-nine percent of their business is a large, foreign-owned company that makes 100 million barrels of beer. That’s where their bread and butter is. These craft breweries, that’s not what’s keeping the lights on for them,” Redner said. “If they can shut the tasting rooms down, they can get rid of some the competition.”

It may seem like a small change in a law, but it has big implications for craft beers and how they can sell.  How do you feel about this law?  I would much rather have a growler than a 32oz or a large 128oz jug that is difficult to carry down the street.



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