Beer #1 Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Brew

For my first post, I would like to give some background on how I came to find this first beer. My wife and I heard about Jane’s beer store in the Mountain View Voice a few months ago.

jane's beer store

I don’t want to get into the details of their rise to greatness in silicon Valley but they were an Indiegogo project that has taken off to the success they are today.


Now onto the beer itself:

photo 5 (1)

Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Beer comes from Kiuchi Brewery in Japan. They have a variety of spirits, including Sake and Shochu Kiuchi as part of their line of products.

One of the shop staff was very helpful and gave me a recommendation for a beer that by her description ‘tastes like pickled ginger’. The bottle looked pretty crazy as well, adding to the allure of what I did not realize was a $7 at the time. I may at times be a child with an adult’s bank account, but yes, between the cartoon logo and the general description of it, I was sold.


This was a beer that I thought would be delicious with sushi there are two downfalls to this thought: 1) I am horrible at making at-home sushi and 2) it’s rude to bring your own beer into a sushi restaurant. I do enjoy an occasional asahi or Sapporo but I feel like these are the Miller High Life of Japanese restaurant. I may be wrong but when going to get sushi, I want something that is enjoyable to drink and more than just a vehicle to drunkytown. If I wanted just that, I’d ask for sakebombs.


I digress though.

It’s color is a medium amber/gold and not very filtered. The nose is just as described by my cicerone: it smells like pickled ginger with hints of hops, carmel, and strong alcohol. I did not mention this straight away but this beer is also pushing 7% ABV.

photo 4

My suspicion that this would be amazing with sushi almost tempted me indulge in getting take out but I resisted the urge by remembering that I only had 12oz of liquid ginger to enjoy. By the time I would have gotten into my car, drove across town and came back home, it did not seem worth it.

The only downside I saw of this beer was that it gives you ginger breath. This could be an added selling point depending on who you are trying to impress. It may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it.

This touches on a topic I will discuss later in depth: pre-planning. Think through what you’re going to drink and eat over the course of the night before you start and you will have a much better time than just winging it. Your body with it’s absence of a hangover and nausea will thank you.


To conclude my first and most rambling blog post so far: I like this beer and think it could become a staple of sushi experience if I can convince any restaurant to stock it at a fair price. The alcohol from the beer lightly stung the tongue but the flavor brought me back to wishing I ate sushi on a regular basis. Even if you dislike sushi you can find some form of redeeming quality in this beer: the clean and unique taste, impressing your pretentious friends with an $7 beer that they weren’t expecting, or just the high alcohol, it has something for a variety of people.

Just remember to bring a mint afterwards, unless your friends don’t mind you being the smelly kid in the group.

Happy drinking!


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