My Beer Ethos

The purpose of this blog is very short and sweet: I want you to find awesome beers.

In my life, I have a few great sources from which I receive beer recommendations:

My Wife (who is a certified sommelier)



Alex my mexican

Past experiences (I used to work on cruise ships)

display table

I won’t say i’ve drank a lot of beer in my life, but in college, I did win 365 free PBRs over the course of a year. It was a very fun year and made me realize there is more than just PBR to enjoy in life.

All these pieces put together have created formed a puzzle which I will share with you, one beer at a time. I occasionally will repost articles I find interesting or link to other’s pages.

As for my personal preference, this is what I drink: Craft beers, high alcohol, normally dark. Anything above 8% usually can pull my attention on a beer list.

If you have a suggestion for a beer to review, please send me an email at and I will look into reviewing it if it is within my budget (or you’re willing to donate to my paypal).

Happy drinking.


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